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About Us

Tattvavada E-Library is a Non-Profit, multi-lingual digital resource, meant to spread the light of Tattvavada amongst the laity. This collection brings together the revered and cherished works of our Acharyas. We aspire to provide all of these resources in the following format-

Main text in- Sanskrit,Kannada,Tamil,Telugu and English transliteration

Translation in- Kannada, Tamil,Telugu and English.

This is a long journey to traverse, and we require your patience and support in this regard.

Tattvavada E-Library is not carrying any commercial transaction w.r.t. the circulation of these resources. This Library is being offered as “free-to-download” to the interested readers. If there is any Copyright related issue, the same may please be brought to the notice of the Web Admin along with proofs for legitimate copyright claim at tattvavadaelibrary@gmail.com . We assure to remove the book from the website on the provision of copyright proofs by the claimants.

Recent Posts-

Then he(Lord Vayu) will be born as Vasudeva(Sri Madhvacharya). There will be none equal to him in the fourteen worlds. He will be fully equipped with wisdom.

Srimad Garuda Puranam 3.16.72

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